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Welcome to Preesha Threading Salon

Threading is an ancient hair removal technique originated in Asia, particularly for removing or shaping eyebrows and undesirable facial hair. This practice started in Nepal and India over 6,000 year ago and spread throughout Asia and the Middle East and recently to Europe and the US. Threading allows for a more defined and detailed shape giving better definition for eyebrows in comparison to waxing. Furthermore, this technique is toxic free, and gentler on your skin.

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Threading Waxing
Eyebrow $14-18 Full Arm $50
Upper lip $10 Leg $70
Neck $12 Under Arm $20
Chin $12 Half Leg $40
Side-burn $16 Half Arm $30
Forehead $13 Back $50
Full Face $50 Bikini $30 & Up
Eyebrow & Lip $23 Stomach $30                Brazilian $50
Eyebrow, Lip & Chin $32
Full Face & Neck $58

Henna $15 and up
Facials Regular $80 Mini $15
Tint eyebrow $22, Scalp Massage and Treatment $15 and up